Strategy & Consulting

Lasting success starts with a great concept. You need to know where the journey goes, who you're talking to and what you are trying to tell them. We give you marketing and strategy advice to the best of our knowledge.

Branding & Media Design

Good products and services need good branding so that customers get it right away. We make sure your message gets across whether it's as a website, a flyer or something brand new!

Photos & Video Production

One picture says more than a thousand words ... that's why sometimes it's important to shoot a promotional video or start creating a beuatiful photo archive to always have visuals when you need them.



Sascha Rossaint

Founder & Producer

I believe that we can make a difference:

When value and relevance become more important than money and profit – when communication is truthful and informative and when we do business not only for ourselves but to strengthen the community.

I am here to support you present your ideas so you can reach those who need you – whether it's through a website, a promotional video or photos.


Work Experience

Sascha has worked as an international freelancer for 13+ years. Projects he's been involved in range from on- and offline advertising to startup brand design, photo and video production

Oct,2004   Mar,2007



They were young and innocent ... the first three years of Sascha's professional experience were marked by a magical collaboration with 2 friends – a small design studio!

Mar,2007   Aug,2008

Freelancing for mostly German clients

Junior Freelancer

After they closed their agency each one had several clients he continued working for - Sascha spent a year serving them in and around Cologne, Germany while gearing up for a long international adventure.

Aug,2008   Jan,2012

international clients


Europe, Iran, India, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, the US, Perú --- you name it Sascha's been sitting there with his laptop and his backpack working for clients all over the world while traveling at the same time.

Jan,2012   Present

international clients

Senior Freelancer and Dad

It all changed when his first son was born in 2012 - ever since he's been a serious senior freelancer collaborating with other professionals to deliver only the best possible quality catering to the needs of his ever growing group of clients ranging from gurus to kayak instructors and from well established family businesses to garage startups.

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