Sascha Rossaint

Brand & Media Designer

I believe that we can make a difference:

When value and relevance become more important than money and profit – when communication is truthful and informative and when we do business not only for ourselves but to strengthen the community.

I am here to support you present your ideas so you can reach those who need you.



Strategy & Consulting

A good concept is the foundation of every success. No way you can overstress the importance of a well defined strategy. I offer advice on the way you enter your target market and I can tell you what media you should use to reach your audience. More importantly I can provide you with the creative guidance to create that special vision that can set your project apart.

Corporate Identity & Brand design

It's never just about a flyer or a logo. Whatever you do on a market – you are a brand. Now you'd rather not stumble into being seen in a way that is not helpful to your mission. That's why the building process of a brand needs careful planning and the visual execution of a brand concept needs to be perfectly in line with the strategy.

Web and print design

Once you have the basics of your brand ready you will need some serious applications. Can be a website, can be a book, a brochure, a flyer - it all depends on who and what you're after. I have extensive experience in both online and offline design - no worries.


Style and Strategy need to be in line with every project and that's why my understanding of good design is that it needs to suit the purpose and follow a concept.

Work Experience

I have worked as a freelancer for 10 years both inhouse and at home.
Projects that I've been involved with range from mid size on- and offline advertising to startup brand creation to flyer design for the bakery next door.

Oct,2004   Mar,2007



We were young and innocent ... the first three years of my professional experience were marked by a magical collaboration with 2 friends – our own small studio!

Mar,2007   Aug,2008

A small group of Small to Mid-size mostly German clients

Junior Freelancer

After we closed our agency each one had a bunch of clients to work for - I spent a year serving them in and around Cologne, Germany while gearing up for a long international adventure.

Aug,2008   Jan,2012

A small group of international & German clients


Europe, Iran, India, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, the US, Perú --- you name it I've been sitting there with my laptop and my backpack working for clients all over the world while discovering it at the same time.

Jan,2012   Present


Senior Freelancer and Dad

It all changed when my first son was born in 2012 - ever since I've been a serious senior freelancer catering to the needs of my ever growing group of clients ranging from gurus to kayak instructors and from well established family businesses to garage startups.

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Aachen, Germany

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+49 15754725159
skype: sascharos